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Purchasing, Consolidating and Increasing the efficiencies of Companies

About Us

About CWBG


Founded in 2012, CWBG is a management firm, based in St. Louis, Missouri and focused on purchasing, consolidating and increasing the efficiencies of companies providing technology, communications, and business services. We’re active, experienced operators and co-investors with a track record of successfully growing middle-market FTTP and HFC Cable systems, as well as Middle Mile Fiber Networks. Our professional management team has a history of building industry-leading companies through operational excellence and a focus on superior customer service.

Management Team



CWBG’s ownership and management consists of former senior from Charter Communications, Fidelity Communications, Williams Communications and PricewaterhouseCoopers, who have hand’s-on experience managing both small and large market systems. CEO Grier Raclin is the former GC and CAO of Charter Communications, and has been a senior executive in numerous telecommunications companies controlled by leading telecommunications investors, such as George Soros, Paul Allen and Welsh Carson, and has managed over $25 billion in M&A, financing and restructuring transactions. COO Dan Kennedy has spent over 30 years in telecommunications, either owning, operating, designing or managing complex telecommunications systems. Sam Valencia, CFO, had a 30 year career as an Assurance Partner at PWC, focusing on middle-market M&A and entrepreneurial activities. In total, the CWBG team has over 100 years’ experience acquiring, consolidating and improving the operations and profitability of middle market cable and telecommunications systems.

Previous Acquisitions


CountryWide Broadband Group  has successfully proven its business growth model through the acquisitions of i3 Broadband in Central Illinois and Full Channel near Providence, Rhode Island. Led by executive and industry veterans in the Fiber-to-the-Premise/Home (FTTP) and Cable industries, CWBG continues to seek to acquire FTTP, HFC and Middle-Mile networks providing residential and commercial services.